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Interim Recruiter: More than a gap filler

The months of April and May usually bring not only good weather, but also an upswing in the labor market. But due to the consequences of the Corona crisis this is not the case in this year. Instead, more than half a million more people are unemployed compared with the previous year. Conversely, however, this also means that there is more movement on the labor market, more people apply for individual positions, and since there are fewer advertised positions at the same time, the chances of hiring highly qualified   candidates also increase. The problem is that many companies have scaled down their recruiting capacities. The solution: Interim Recruiters* 

After the economy in Germany flourished in recent years, the current recession is a new experience for many companies. The reactions have been correspondingly positive, with many managers putting their employees on short-time work or even dismissing them. Accordingly, many recruiting activities are currently lying idle. But experience shows: Sooner or later, every recession is followed by another economic upswing, and it is important to be prepared for this in order to profit from it in the best possible way. In order to be able to react optimally and, above all, flexibly to current circumstances, interim recruiters are the ideal solution.

The all-rounder among recruiters*inside 

One of the major advantages of interim recruiters is that they are available immediately and do not require a long training period. Interim Recruiter*s are very well trained recruiters who are partially integrated into the company and thus get to know it better, but at the same time they are independent and bring their own tools and access with which they can best support and meet the companies and their requirements. 

Another big plus is their flexibility. Before the project begins, it is possible to clarify with them exactly where their support is specifically needed and how many positions need to be filled over what period of time. Depending on demand and the economic situation, capacities can be increased or decreased at any time   . In case of doubt, very short notice periods usually apply or the engagement can be paused or resumed in due course. The offboarding also runs in most cases quite uncomplicated and problem-free. This means that managers can hardly go wrong with hiring interim recruiters.  


The better alternative to Headhunters 

Especially in comparison to headhunters, interim recruiters can score points. While headhunters collect performance bonuses depending on the gross annual salary of the persons placed, the costs for interim recruiters can be calculated exactly. This is especially worthwhile when several positions need to be filled, as interim recruiters can easily do this in parallel, for the same pay. Another advantage: proximity to the company. Headhunters select candidates based on some predefined criteria, whereas interim recruiters are also part of the company – albeit usually only briefly – and thus get to know the company’s needs and values better. Nevertheless, they bring a certain distance to the company and can therefore additionally optimize processes, so that in the end better candidates can be found who also fit the values of the company.

A good alternative not only in times of crisis 

However, interim recruiters are not only a good alternative in times of extreme crisis like the current one. Also as a parental leave replacement or in case of short-term bottlenecks, for example due to a dismissal, illness or longer absences of employees or also to be able to ramp up recruiting capacities as quickly as possible, interim recruiters are a good substitute.  Companies thus remain capable of acting and are not under so much pressure to find new employees and to train them first. Especially for replacements that are too long to let the processes rest for the entire duration or actually too short to hire someone new , interim recruiters* are the perfect solution.  


The necessary advantage in the “War for Talents

Interim recruiters can also help in the fight against the prevailing shortage of skilled workers. At the moment, there are more well-qualified candidates on the market than there have been for a long time, with less competition from other companies. But since these candidates usually don’t just fly to you, you need to approach them directly. The magic word here is active sourcing, i.e. proactively researching and approaching potential candidates. This is especially necessary for job postings that require very precise skills or are difficult to fill. Interim recruiters can therefore use appropriately selected Boolean operators to target talent on social networks such as Xing and LinkedIn, which would be too much effort in the normal working day.

Interim recruiters are therefore the all-rounders in the recruiting business and are versatile and, above all, flexible in their deployment. Therefore, companies should consider them not only in crises, but also in other bottlenecks, in order to achieve the best possible result in the end, with which all parties involved are satisfied.  

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